Named by Inc Magazine as one of the top entrepreneurs in North America, Sarah Prevette has captured attention as a futurist and early-supporter of emerging technology.

Most recently, Sarah was the founder of, an online platform facilitating knowledge exchange between startups and business leaders that was acquired by Postmedia in late 2011. Credited with building one of the largest networks of startups world-wide; Sarah is frequently in the media and has been profiled by numerous prestigious publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Wired Magazine.

Her event series, Sprout Up, helped launched countless new companies and brought together thousands in startup communities around the world, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, London and New York.

Sarah is a relentless evangelist for the tech community and founded to showcase promising new startups. The online publication was acquired in early 2013 and continues to be a popular resource for emerging technology news.

She is an active advisor to several companies and a passionate advocate for innovation – volunteering her time to help young entrepreneurs through countless initiatives including The Next 36 and Jolt.

She is an in-demand speaker who has delivered keynote speeches and sessions at prestigious events including South by Southwest, Big Omaha, Canada 3.0, Summit Series and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her advice can be found regularly in Profit Magazine and on BNN’s hot, new show “The Pitch”.

Sarah is a curious tinkerer/inventor and avid believer in experiential learning for both kids and adults. Her current behind-the-scenes projects are all focused on transforming education to better inspire innovation and entrepreneurship.

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @sarahprevette


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